New Lessons: The Power of Educating Adolescent Girls

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By Cynthia B. Lloyd and Juliet Young

For 15 years, the development community has known about the radically high return of investing in girls’ education, yet little light has been shown on the intersection of education and adolescent girls. This report fills that gap.

The authors find that staying in school through adolescence brings immediate benefits to girls during a high-risk phase of life, and long-term benefits to families and communities.

This report highlights the unique educational needs of adolescent girls, provides a first-ever compendium of more than 300 past and current programs and spells out concrete actions for change.

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For Girls Education: Take Action

1. Collect and compile data on non-formal education

2. Build and maintain a global database for education programs for adolescent girl

3. Expand opportunities for girls to attend secondary school

4. Support the non-formal education system

5. Develop after-school tutoring and mentoring programs in both primary and secondary schools

6. Produce curricula relevant to adolescent girls

7. Offer post-secondary vocational programs

8. Provide training and ongoing incentives for women to enter and remain in teaching

9. Promote easy transitions between non-formal and formal schools

10. Encourage and evaluate innovation

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