USG Adolescent Girls Strategy Working Group
The United States Government Adolescent Girls Strategy working group is dedicated to planning and executing the CAG’s participation in the formation and launch of the United States government’s Adolescent Girl Strategy.  Working group members will ensure that the CAG is able to contribute to the strategy, update the membership on any developments or drafts of the strategy, plan a potential meeting with the office of the First Lady, and assess the potential of hosting a small strategy-focused consultation in Washington, D.C.

Girl Engagement Strategy Working Group
The Girl Engagement Strategy working group is dedicated to formulating a strategy of how to engage adolescent girls in the CAG’s future activities and operations.  Working group members will collaborate to draft a strategy that details long-term engagement activities for adolescent girls and their role in the CAG’s structure, whether as partners, members of a youth steering committee, or advisers.

CAG Framework and Topical Briefs Working Group
The CAG Framework working group is dedicated to completing the CAG Framework and four accompanying one-page topical briefs.  The briefs will cover four areas – health, safety, empowerment, and human rights – and will be made available to members for use in their work.  Working group members will work together to draft and review the framework and accompanying briefs that will then be available online.


All working groups are member-driven. If you are a CAG member and are interested in starting a new working group please contact Sacha at