The Coalition for Adolescent Girls (the CAG) convenes organizations that seek to influence and inform donors, policy-makers, and other key decision-makers regarding programmatic, funding, and research priorities for adolescent girls as well as those who design, implement and evaluate evidence-based adolescent girl programming.

Members: Members of the Coalition meet quarterly to share information, experiences, tools, and resources to strengthen the network of adolescent girl experts and advocates and to identify shared priorities.

Steering Committee: The CAG is under the direction of its Steering Committee, a group of members who invest time and resources to ensure that the CAG is at the forefront of girl-related issues, practices, and learning.  The Steering Committee develops and implements strategic plans, plans for and manages the coalition’s finances, and provides oversight to best implement the shared mission, vision, and objectives of the members.

Working Groups: In addition to quarterly meetings, members also come together around common goals and interests in working groups to move the field of adolescent girl work forward.