Girls Grow: A Vital Force in Rural Economies

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By Catherine Bertini and the Chicago Council for Global Affairs

This report uncovers the potential of adolescent girls living in rural economies and the role they can play in transforming their economic and social realities.

Building the capacity of adolescent girls and engaging them in rural livelihoods, increases agricultural productivity and the development of agri-food systems, improves conservation of natural resources, and lifts communities out of poverty.

An action agenda follows, outlining the steps needed to support adolescent girls, their families, and their communities in creating a more sustainable and prosperous future.


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For Rural Girls: Take Action

1. Expand opportunities for rural adolescent girls to attend secondary school.

2. Equip rural adolescent girls to be entrepreneurs, workers, and managers in the rural economy and beyond.

3. Prepare rural adolescent girls to be major stakeholders in agriculture and natural resource management.

4. Empower and provide opportunities for rural adolescent girls to have an active voice in household, community, and national decision making.

5. Provide rural adolescent girls with comprehensive health information and services.

6. Improve rural adolescent girls’ safety and security.

7. Count girls and measure progress.

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