The Coalition for Adolescent Girls

Girls Speak: A New Voice in Global Development

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By Margaret Greene, Laura Cardinal and Eve Goldstein-Siegel

The global development community is just beginning
to grasp the complex social, health and economic challenges facing adolescent girls.

This report compiles the first-ever view of poverty
from a girl’s perspective. Hearing directly from them,
in their own words, provides unique insight and
understanding of their issues.

Together their voices reinforce what the data
suggests: Education, safety, economic opportunity
— and delaying marriage and childbirth — are vital to
fulfilling their potential.

Bright, hopeful and eager for change, these girls are an inspiration.




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Girls on the Move

For Girls Education: Take Action
    1. Collect and compile data on non-formal education

    2. Build and maintain a global database for education programs for adolescent girl

    3. Expand opportunities for girls to attend secondary school

    4. Support the non-formal education system

    5. Develop after-school tutoring and mentoring programs in both primary and secondary schools

    6. Produce curricula relevant to adolescent girls

    7. Offer post-secondary vocational programs

    8. Provide training and ongoing incentives for women to enter and remain in teaching

    9. Promote easy transitions between non-formal and formal schools

    10. Encourage and evaluate innovation

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