The Coalition for Adolescent Girls (CAG) was founded in 2005 by the United Nations Foundation and the Nike Foundation along with partners from the International Women’s Health Coalition, International Center for Research on Women, the Population Council, and EMpower to address adolescent girls’ need for support and their potential to change the world.  Since its inception, over 80 leading national and international organizations have come together, bringing fresh perspectives, diverse resources, and concrete solutions to address the challenges facing adolescent girls in the poorest communities around the world.

Consistent across the existence of the coalition has been a solid dedication to meeting the needs of adolescent girls. Coalition members are adolescent girl champions and experts, committed to supporting girls and helping them reach their potential to act as agents of change. The collective power of the CAG has helped to drive change in the international development field, elevating the profile of a population that was historically ignored, and influencing programming, policies, and investments to better support adolescent girls.

Over the past eleven years, the Coalition has made impressive accomplishments. In that short amount of time it has blossomed from a concept in the minds of the founders to a reality with wide reach and influence. The important contributions and driving energy of CAG leaders and members have made it all possible.